Film and Animation Showreel #1

Short Film, 3D Animation, Show and Corporate Film in our video portfolio

First Video Portfolio 2016

This video portfolio is a compilation of some of our favourite projects we have done so far and includes all kinds of film production, live production, 3D and 2D Visualisation, Animation and Motion Graphics or Motion Design. Together they make up our slogan „Film, 3D and Motion Design“ and therefore our services.

On the one hand the video portfolio shows productions from the past years, including Live Productions and Studio Productions but it also functions as a Motion Design and 3D showreel. We are happy to name 3D and 2D Visualisation as some of our specialties, making us a multi functional film production company.

A 3D domino animation in our video portfolio
Our video portfolio includes this car scene with bokeh

Film Production Company Berlin and Periphery

Over all we try to use Berlin and its thriving and cooperative creative industry to our advantage whenever we can. Even if we are not tied to a specific location, especially when it comes to Motion Design or Post Production, Berlin is an ideal place to stay inspired and get in touch with other creators.
But since there are so many creators around, that also means there is a lot of competition. Therefore we make sure to stand out by combining our diverse network of creatives and our expertise to create a multifunctional team than can cover any needs in the area of film production. This not only includes Film itself but also Motion Graphics, 3D and 2D Visualisation and any other Post Production making us a flexible, versatile and an all in all unique team and company.
And of course we are proud to be located in such a wonderful and creative city as Berlin that is home to so many amazing artists and creatives.