Animated explainer video: Engagierte Stadt

Animated explainer video from Berlin on the topic of civic engagement

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The “Engagierte Stadt”

Since 2015, the “Engagierte Stadt” (engaged city) programme has supported 50 institutions from German municipalities in order to help them achieve a better coordinated impact and cooperation. It is supported by many large German foundations, including the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Ministry of Family Affairs, with a total volume of three million Euros.

An animated explainer video for better comprehension

Regular monitoring of the impact achieved is essential for the implementation of new strategies in the “Engagierte Stadt”. Syspons GmbH therefore conducts a statistical survey, the results of which are often difficult for third parties and programme participants to understand. We were therefore commissioned to make the data and findings more accessible in an animated explainer video, as we did for the previous video already. In this context, some background images had to be shot Berlin, as this is the base of the Syspons headquarters. This time, however, the focus was on motion design, which, together with the voiceover, was supposed to convey the connections as easily as possible. In order not to appear too overloaded on a visual level, we decided with the client to use a minimalist icon style.

Animated explainer video still of statistics comparison between the years 2015 and 2016
Animated explainer video frame of different goals for different parties

Animated Explainer Video from Berlin

The production venue for this animated explainer video was Berlin, as this is the headquarters of Syspons GmbH. If you would like to realize a project which can also communicate content more comprehensible in the form of an explanatory film, feel free to contact us. In addition to explainer videos, we also offer other audiovisual services. In particular visualization and animation in 2D to 3D, Motion Design and VFX, but also work in the cinematic field. However, our business segment is not limited to this – you will find a more detailed overview of our range of activities in the service overview.