Animation Reel 2022

3D Animation for an iPhone Charging Station

Moodcut: Dramedy

Moodcut: Dramedy

Film Showreel 2022

Featured Areas: Documentary, Corporate Film (Image Film), Events, Fiction and Music

Client: IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH

Agency: comkomm GmbH

Tasks: Concept, Script & Illustration Consultation, Animation, Voiceover, Sound Design, Post Production, Subtitling

Client: Byteghoul UG

Game Links: Google Play | App Store

Tasks: Concept & Script Consultation, Editing, Sound Design, VFX, Localization-ready handover

Client: safeibc.cn

Tasks: Concept, Script, Storyboarding/Styleframing, Illustration, Animation, Voiceover, Sound Design, Post Production, Subtitling


Most of the time, we work in technology-based fields. That’s why we always have to stay up to date. If you like to read and have some time to spare, take a look at our Blog. There you will find all kinds of topics that we deal with in our professional and private lives.

On this page you will get an overview of a variety of projects we have successfully completed. Our portfolio shows work in the area of web design/optimization, 2D/3D animation, motion design as well as real film work, such as image films or product videos. In addition, we have prepared the highlights of our current work for you in the form of showreels, which can also be found in the portfolio. To give you a quick insight into our work, we have provided a showreel for both animation and film on this portfolio page. Furthermore, moodcuts give you a deeper insight into the areas of drama and comedy.