Kinetic Typography 3D: Complexity

Kinetic typography animated in 3D

Kinetic Typography

This 3D piece is a visualization of the word “complexity”. The aim was to create a uniform representation of the word and its meaning on the basis of all available design elements, i.e. 3D objects, camera movements, editing and sound design. The creative guiding idea runs through all audiovisual levels. From the choice of the font to the final finishing touches.

Picture & Sound

Here, as in advertising projects, one thing is indispensable: the synergy of the visual with the auditory level, i.e. of the 3D visuals and sound design. Especially with abstract terms like the one interpreted here, but also for companies with certain key values, it is essential to make abstraction clear. This can often only be really achieved by a systematic interplay of several stimuli since the different senses addressed can complement each other in this way.
In many projects, the underlying specifications are relatively fundamental information such as the corporate design or a creative guiding idea. On the basis of this, we then develop the concrete design and implement it, whereby all elements of the design must, of course, be based on the messages that are supposed to be communicated. In this way, a coherent overall picture is created, which can, for example, present advertising statements or company principles clearly and distinctly.

Possibilities of animation in 3D

The great thing about projects like this Kinetic Typography animation, i.e. those that take place exclusively in digital 3D space, are the unlimited possibilities: Objects, camera movements, movements – all this can be freely designed. The only boundaries one is given are those of one’s own imagination and, in some cases, limitations of a technical nature. The complexity of the textures for the 3D geometry were very important here as part of the guiding idea. At the same time, however, a way had to be found to design them as efficiently as possible in compromise with the rendering effort.