Music visualization in 3D

The word “Rhythm” as music visualization

Floating shards in 3D for music visualization of the typography of the word rhythm

Typographical 3D Music Visualization

This animation is a typographical music visualization of the English word “rhythm”, in German “Rhythmus”. Similar to the visualization of the word “Complexity“, this project was also focused on the best possible integration of the meaning represented by the word into the design of 3D animation, editing and sound design in order to achieve harmonization. Every detail was supposed to be consistent with the underlying concept – from font selection to color correction and finalizing.

Creative production processes

At the beginning of a project there are often some core messages and values, which then have to be prepared within the creative process for all audiovisual design elements, e.g. 3D animation, filming, sound design and editing, and finally brought to the concrete implementation of the guiding idea. On the basis of these or already elaborated design guidelines, we will develop all the desired design elements for you in such a way that they optimally embody your core messages. The result is a harmonious composition that compresses the values used and thus strengthens them.

Music visualization with 3D pieces
3D typography music visualization guided by the volume

Interaction of Sound & 3D content

In the case of this project, the 3D objects react dynamically to the rhythmic music by changing their size and rotation in space. At the same time, the editing supports targeted accentuated beats in rhythm, while a rather calm and very steady camera movement in contrast provides some order and promotes continuity between the sometimes abrupt movements. The cooperation of sound and visualization is especially essential when abstract concepts are involved. This is the scenario for this music visualization as well as for commercials, logo animations, product presentations and general representations, which should follow the requirements of a corporate design of brands, companies or others.