Key Facts

The traditional Potsdam dentists were looking for a web design company in order to get a completely new website including a new corporate identity.

The goal was to give the brand a noble and at the same time gentle appearance through a new design in order to dissolve any fears of contact with dentists as well as to increase patient reach. The newly created corporate identity extended to marketing and business material in the print area. On the digital level, the company wanted us to create a website.


Some people have inhibitions or even fear of going to the dentist. To clearly counteract this feeling, it was important for us to develop a design that communicates gentleness on the one hand and purity/clarity on the other. We also wanted to focus on the fact that the dental practice is a traditional company and is now run by two sisters.

Our process as web design company

With this approach, we went into a brainstorming session and developed a figurative mark that identifies the two sisters as two interconnected silhouettes that hold each other tightly together. Their union, as it were, forms a shape reminiscent of a jewel and conveys a sense of preciousness. In addition, we decided to use a purple hue, which should emphasize purity, tranquility and professionalism at the same time. The color also contrasts well with the “Zahnärzte Scholz” typeface, which we gave an anthracite tone. Here we decided on a modern font, which with its soft edges should also radiate gentleness and inspire confidence. Starting from the logo, we developed the entire corporate design and thus business cards, forms, letterheads, notepads etc. were born in a fresh, new look in the print area.