Livestream Company Berlin for the INSIGHT Conference

Booked as Livestreaming Agency for 4 Days / Stages

Key Facts

  • 4 Days, 4 Stages, 4 Simultaneous Livestreams (Multi-Camera Setup)
  • 74 Talks & Panel Discussions, 80 Hours of Streamed Content
  • On-Site and Remote Speakers
  • Livelink for On-Site & Remote Interactive Discussions

As Livestream Company in Berlin, it was our task to produce the live broadcast of the second INSIGHT conference from September 9 to 12, 2021 at the Langenbeck-Virchow Haus Berlin on the topic of “Opportunities and Risks of Current Psychedelic Research and Therapy”. The conference included about 74 talks & panel discussions as well as art performances, which were held on the stages as well as remotely. A total duration of 80 hours were broadcast by us as a livestreaming agency via four parallel streams. Additionally, it was desired to run a livestream with multiple cameras.

Livestream Company Berlin Trailer

As livestream company Berlin we were in the auditorium of the Langebeck-Virchow-Haus, and photographed the round blue-cushioned rows of seats with applauding people from the side.
In the image, we see a woman in a medium long shot, standing next to her colleague and giving a lecture in front of an audience. This recording was made by a livestream company in Berlin.


Coordination & organization of the AV technology within the scope of the live broadcast in close consultation with the MIND Foundation. On-site briefing of our technical staff and setup of the broadcast technology at the stages by us as livestream company. Technical setup including lighting and sound, as well as live connections between speakers on site and remotely to enable a group discourse. Setup, technical check and execution of test runs before program start. Execution of live stream broadcasts with four streams running in parallel, coordinating camera and streaming operators via radio channels. Simultaneous on-site recording of the entire live broadcasts on storage media for further post-processing. Use of mobile cameras for live image mixing as well as for the inclusion of the audience, e.g. for questions during discussion rounds.

Extended Briefing for us as Livestream Company in Berlin

A special feature of the broadcast was the use of the Internet, which consisted of a combination of local uplink and mobile data connections. Parallel to the live recording of the talks and panel discussions, we also took care of the recording of B-roll footage (videos and stills) on all four conference days in order to make it possible to optimally post-produce the recorded files afterwards. Subsequent dismantling and return of the broadcast equipment with subsequent de-briefing within the team. Subsequent management and preparation of the recorded material and further post production work. Final project management and completion.