One of the German Music Video Companies

Music Visualisation in 3D and Film

Abstract Music Animation in a Digital Space

Music video companies like us are mostly focused on the production and visual aspects of music videos. But we as holistic production firm not only offer that, but also audio and music production. This project is an example for that because we did the 3D Animation using Cinema 4D, the Sound Design and background music.

Originally composed as background music for Game and Blu-Ray menus, it also works as a backing track in modern Action and Sci-Fi genres. With its lively, wafting character it perfectly suits and underlines the organic mixture of this Film and 3D hybrid project. In this music visualisation, the low and mid-range frequencies support the dynamic, animated parts while the higher frequencies resemble and emphasise the classic film footage. Simultaneously the images of the almost exploding spheres create a continuous arc of suspense but leave room for interpretation.