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Abstract music animation in digital space

As an all-in-one production company, we offer not only visual content but also auditive services. This production is such a hybrid, for which we not only composed the 3D part but also the music and designed its tonal atmosphere.

Originally intended for the background of game and Blu-Ray menus, this can also function as a Score for more modern scenarios of action and sci-fi genre worlds. An organic mixture of film and 3D, in which the waving and vividly animated spheres are dynamically controlled by the lower to middle frequencies of the piece of music, while the higher frequency range is stylistically illustrated by cinematic contents. As the spheres seem to be on the brink of explosion at all times, this production has a slowly but steadily rising arc of tension, with room for individual interpretation.

You can see several bubbles in black and white, which can be made by music video companies.
On the picture you can see several digitally created green bubbles connected to each other and made by music video companies.
Depicted in this image is a multitude of orange and green bubbles that form a unit, moving organically.