Infographic animation: Engagierte Stadt

Better coordinated engagement through infographic animation

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The “Engagierte Stadt”

The “Engagierte Stadt” (engaged city) program is supported by many large German foundations, including the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Ministry of Family Affairs, with a total volume of three million euros. Since 2015, it has supported 50 institutions from German municipalities so that they can better coordinate their work. To this end, it promotes cooperation rather than individual projects.

Impact monitoring by Syspons

What is special about the “Engagierte Stadt” is the new approach, which is based on networking. It is important to regularly check whether this new strategy has the desired positive effect.
The employees of Syspons GmbH perform online surveys and other statistical studies for the “Engagierte Stadt”, the data of which they then evaluate. The purpose of the process is to then work out the often complex interrelationships for a corresponding data visualization. This is the only way to reliably find out which measures worked well and which ones did not. For this reason, such an impact assessment must also be carried out at regular intervals in order to have up-to-date data at hand. The visualizations based on this information then serve to channel the findings back to the committed persons and their institutions as feedback.

Design thinking illustrated in an infographic.
Syspons team preparing data for an infographic animation

Infographic animation

Since conventional data visualizations often lack movement, we were commissioned to bring it to life in the context of the explainer video. After the conception phase, we first executed the necessary film production, for later use as cut-scenes and backgrounds. At the same time, we rebuilt the data visualizations in preparation for the Motion Design on the basis of already referenced graphics – in order to make the individual components animatable.
When all components of the video finally come together, the most understandable kind of infographic animation is created – through spoken text and moving, illustrative, but partially abstract graphics. This can then be conveyed more easily to a wider audience, which was one of the objectives here. Because all complex correlations and hard-to-access statistics are now implemented as comprehensible as possible.