Broadcast Design for a (Live-)Stream

Renewing the Broadcast Design of a Gaming project

Broadcast Design screenshot of the YOURGAMESTV logo


The goal was to build a brand through individual broadcast design and expand its online community with a gaming and tech-oriented web portal. Nerd-culture, community and tolerance were supposed to be the leading motifs.


Creation of a first CI in 2013 in cooperation with friend and graphic designer Leif Lobinsky. Recruitment and coordination of several decentralized international hosts, as well as organization of a schedule (one third as Livestream, two thirds pre-produced). Development of a web portal and creation of content. Construction of a streaming pipeline and set up of a dedicated Linux server for image mixing and quality maximization of the stream, automatic archiving of broadcasts and operation of several voice and various gaming servers for community bonding.

Project pauses since 2016. Design update in 2019 (CI redesign, graphic animation and sound design). Renewal of the gaming website planned for the next project phase. Project-Relaunch tbd.

Broadcast Design Trailer

Wir sehen einen Screenshot von einer 3D Intro Animation, welche für ein neues On-Air Design erstellt wurde. Auf dem Screenshot sehen wir den Buchstaben A, welcher gerade über mehrere, verschiedenfarbige Blöcke springt.

This is why broadcast design plays an important role

Broadcast design is the graphic design of program packaging for television stations.

The appeal of a television station to its viewers is determined not only by the relevant content, but also by a suitable TV station design. It has a major influence on psychology and viewer behavior. The focus is on the clear identifiability with the TV station, which is achieved by the suitable design, which is finally designed in different program packages for the TV station. Good broadcast design shows that it follows a precise order. Font, logo, claim and also color codes are integrated and arranged in a CI-conform way. Broadcasters usually have a “style guide” in which their CD (corporate design) is clearly defined. This design framework must be kept in mind during the design process or taken into account in the case of a redesign.