Event Documentation: Real Estate Brand Award

Award show documentation for real estate professionals


As a company, we were again commissioned to do the event documentation. The result was a trailer, clips of the individual 24 categories and interviews with the attending companies, post-production and social media publication for the client within three working days.


Conceptual pre-production in discussion with the client, planning and rental of the equipment needed for three camera-operators and one DIT, productional organization of the production day, post-production and publishment for the client.





This picture shows in a medium long shot the award ceremony of an event participant, who holds a certificate and the prize in the form of a diamond in his hands.
In a medium close-up shot, we see four entrepreneurs in black suits against an out-of-focus background, talking excitedly.
The picture shows in long shot all participants of the Real Estate Brand Awards 2017 on a stage as part of the event documentation.

It all depends on the right Event Documentation

Events can be of different nature and therefore require different creative solutions for the documentation: In the end, the video documentation should speak the language of the event and also correlate with it in terms of design. What is the appearance of the organizers – modern, classic or rather alternative? Who is the target group? Is there perhaps even a diversity of target groups?

Before an event documentation goes into production, these questions, among others, are examined in detail by a film production company and a concept for the appropriate implementation is developed from this. This ultimately results in various approaches for the design. For a young, dynamic event organizer, for example, the camera work should also be more agile or “lively” – e.g. with the help of Steadicam, camera gimbal or dolly shots. Classic events may require calmer and more classical images. In addition to the language of movement, the colors are also important: In which color world does the event move – in a flashy, gaudy world or in a more monochrome, color-saturated world? The motion design, which can be inserted into the video in the form of lower thirds or titles, for example, should also be based on these “design codes” so that it ultimately harmonizes with the images shown and the brand being managed.