Corporate Design - Briefing

The client from Potsdam wanted to rebrand their identity including a new and more open name to expand operations. The target was to give it more personality and a hint of the business field they operate in. Thus, we were finally commissioned as an agency with the re-design of the complete CI and at the same time took care of a new, contemporary Internet presentation of the brand. The corporate design in terms of marketing material consisted of business cards, letterheads, forms, stickers, buttons and vehicle graphics. Furthermore a modern, individual and future-proof website was planned. In that regard we were commissioned as well for writing SEO-optimized copy, setting up and maintaining a SEA-campaign and in general filling the site with appealing content.

Corporate Design - Process

As the name was supposed to guide the direction of the rebranding, we initially started developing the new corporate design by brainstorming and researching domain names and proposing the different options. The client, formerly known as “Küchenkonzepte”, wanted to expand further into Interior Design but keep the conceptual vibe inherent in their industry. “Küchen & Raumkonzepte” made the cut and the conceptual phase started. In cooperation with Designer and friend Michael Mikalo, we came up with an approach on initials, representing perspective and the conceptual element alongside with the monospaced font. While Michael concentrated on refining the marketing material, we simultaneously began developing the new website and it’s content. The last step was to research relevant keywords, SEO-optimize and set up the SEA-campaign.