Explanation Video Production for GRATISBROKER

Support to make a Broker-Start-Up more transparent

Logo packshot in an animated explainer video for Gratisbroker


In addition to the inherent high visual quality of the financial sector, the main focus of the newly founded brand was transparency. In order to take this into account, two explanation videos were planned with us to make the business model more unobtrusively understandable. Furthermore, these videos were supposed to communicate the continuing tonality: Simplicity without monotony, courage without megalomania, authenticity without a sales ambush and clarity without detours.

In the image we see a network created with motion design on graphics and lines as part of an explanation video.
On this image you can see a 2D graphic that shows a processing mechanism and illustrates how invested money works: At the top left, coins fall into a hopper so that the container connected to the hopper fills up in orange-yellow color and at the same time the number in Euros increases, which can be seen typographically on the container. Finally, the container is connected to the right with a graphic that is supposed to represent a contract or a document


The cooperation for the explanation video production started with a consultation on the scripts prepared by the client. Together we were able to achieve some optimizations, which ensured a better flow of speech, further compression of the information and a better basis for initial visual ideas.

Now the advanced conceptual phase began. Based on the tonality mentioned in the briefing, the client’s CI and texts, we were able to develop an appealing concept that was able to communicate the desired direction in an unerring way.

In order to give the main focus on transparency more significance, it was planned that the texts would be recorded by the CEO of GRATISBROKER himself. We were therefore able to provide some expertise and tips in order to further optimise the accentuation and flow of speech.

The next step for the animated explainer video creation was the storyboarding phase, which gave a better impression of the visual content and timing of both films. We were also able to refine some other points in this step, which enabled a better interplay between text and image. This phase ended with two Animatics, which together with the selected music and recorded language were able to convey a suitable impression.

Now Styleframes were designed to define the final visual language. After green light from the client, the final explanation video production began. The basis was a discreet 2.5D style, which was developed with the help of icons towards the “La Linea” (also known from the music video for “Bla Bla Bla” by “Gigi D’Agostino”) and the classic icon style. The last step was the sound design of both films, the editing of the voice recordings and the mixing of all elements.

We had a lot of fun working on this project, appreciate the excellent cooperation and are happy about the positive feedback.

Animated Explanation Video – General

Explanation Video – Pricing

Explanation Video Still showing international Stock Exchange connections