Real Estate Brand Award Event Movie

Event movie about an evening with real estate professionals

Event movie frame of skycrapers from below

A successful event

The European Real Estate Brand Award granted for the year 2015. Specified by the client, we were commissioned for 26 individual clips of the honoured winners and an event movie to tease the event already for the following year. In addition, the client’s social media channels were supposed to act as a live ticker during the event. We managed the winner-postings and acted as film producer.

Event movie of an award ceremony

The European Real Estate Brand Award is an award ceremony of the EUREB Institute. Based on comprehensive market research, the Institute evaluates the approx. 1,200 brands of companies in the real estate sector by questioning around 44,000 industry experts and over 350,000 real estate customers. In May 2016, the prize was awarded for 26 different categories based on the EUREB Brand Potential Model and the resulting data from 2015. These included “Most Sustainable Brand Value 5 Years”, “Strongest Brand in Europe”, “EU Real Estate Investors” and many more. In addition to a well-composed four-course menu, the evening also featured a keynote speech by Gabor Schreier, a member of the management board of Saffron Brand Consultants, on the subject of branding.

The location

The event movie was made at AXICA, a DZ Bank building at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. A masterpiece of his work, designed and self-proclaimed by star architect Frank O. Gehry. Despite the fact that the building has a rather simple and austere façade, the interior is particularly astonishing. Gehry’s characteristic style, the biomorphic forms, are of course also shown to full effect there. A play with organic lines of nature, and above all that of the fish. For him, fish is a perfect example of movement, which he tries to integrate into the forms of all his buildings.

Gear used for the event movie

The event movie was shot with two Canon 5D Mark III cameras. One of them was equipped with a 24-70mm lens, used on a shoulder rig. The other camera was operated with a Secced film tripod and used a 70-200mm telephoto lens.

In the picture we see, exemplary for an event movie, a participant accepting a prize.
You can see a seated audience in a large hall listening to a speaker who is also shown in the event movie.
It's always a good idea to include participant interactions in an event movie, as seen here in this image: Gathered at a round table, four entrepreneurs are talking.
Shown in this picture is a large group of participants in an event, who finally stand on a stage to be congratulated.