Movie Production of DOLUS EVENTUALIS: Conditional Intent

A movie production about hazarding possible consequences

Log Line

The addicted Hannah, head of the legal department of a consulting company, increasingly slips the reins. With growing problems to distinguish the nature of her senses from each other, she has to fight more and more with herself and her everyday life. An experimental-dramatic comedy about dependence and remorse, and a debut work.

Note: Not suitable for minors.


The egocentric Hannah Marks, 58, divorced twice and childless, has given everything for her profession. By now, she had become head of the outsourced legal departments of a larger consulting company on her own, sacrificing the past three decades of her existence for her journey there: her private life, social relationships and, above all, her own physical and mental health.

Increasingly overwhelmed by the daily obligations of her position, the masking of her own inefficiency and the departments managed by her, she has escaped long ago into the grown alcohol and cocaine addiction even during working hours. More and more resigned of her life, she oscillates between self-hatred and remorse. From time to time the only lifeline is her personal assistant: Imma, 47, who is a good-hearted and away from all vices living savior, who has accompanied her for the past 15 years with all ups and downs. Unconditionally loyal and in bondage to her boss, Imma tries to continuously exert a good influence on Hannah, who, however, increasingly loses touch with reality.

This seems to come to a head on a particular day when Hannah has a meeting with young lawyer Gordon Lerfler, 29, about the end of his probationary period.

In a movie production, actor Frederic Stromenger can be seen in a close-up against a blurred background, looking anxiously past the camera on the right.
We see the two actors Gundi-Anna Schick & Frederic Stromenger in a movie production in a medium long shot as they sit opposite each other at a large, wooden desk.
We see the actress Gundi-Anna Schick in a semi-close-up as she is bent over her large, wooden desk with a dissolved look, resting her head on her clasped hands. She looks anxiously past the camera on the left. The room is flooded with daylight. This is a still of a movie production.

Inspiration for the movie production of DOLUS EVENTUALIS

For this project we were inspired by the Blockbuster movie production The Wolf of Wallstreet. Especially the character Mark Hanna, played by Matthew McConaughey, who explains his questionable philosophy as a broker to Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, in the legendary restaurant scene.

A big thank you to all supporters and collaborators!